Terms & Conditions

Introductory remark: the present conditions are concluded between :

- on the one hand: Studio Glyphe, a limited liability company with capital of €1,000, registered with the Roanne (42) Trade and Companies Register under the siret number 88354383700016 and represented by its Manager Mr Daniel CHAUVE - Registered office: 132 rue de Prévôté, 42120 PERREUX. All correspondence should be addressed to Studio Glyphe - 132 rue de la Prévôté - 42120 PERREUX, Telephone 06 63 62 68 94, hereinafter referred to as the MonIDtag boutique;

- and on the other hand: any natural person, merchant or not, professional or not, hereinafter referred to as the customer, making a purchase alone or collectively from the MonIDtag store. Any order of a product from the MonIDtag boutique or any use of a service from the MonIDtag boutique implies the customer's unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions, which the customer acknowledges having read. The relationship between the MonIDtag store and the customer will be exclusively governed by the present conditions, which exclude and replace any other conditions.

PURPOSE: These terms and conditions apply to sales of products on the MonIDtag store and to the use of its services via the Internet.

PRESENTATION OF THE ARTICLES: The articles and equipment presented on the MonIDtag store as well as in the prospectuses, catalogs and other commercial documents distributed by the MonIDtag store are subject to change without notice by STUDIO GLYPHE or its possible suppliers, without the MonIDtag store being held responsible. The accuracy, precision and completeness of the information provided are not guaranteed by the MonIDtag boutique, which declines all responsibility in this respect.


ITEM PRICES: Items are sold at the price in force when the order is placed. Prices are quoted in €, inclusive of all taxes, and are valid until the date shown on the MonIDtag store, if applicable, unless modified, of which the customer will be informed as soon as possible. Prices include VAT applicable on the day the order is registered. Prices may be modified at any time, in particular to take account of an increase in charges or a change in the VAT rate. Postage, packaging and/or insurance costs are extra. The amount of these charges mentioned in € on the website depends on the country of destination and the weight of the items ordered.

AVAILABILITY AND ITEM OFFERING: Product offers are valid only while stocks last. Should a product be unavailable after the order has been registered, the MonIDtag boutique will inform the customer as soon as possible and indicate the waiting period. The customer may then, at his or her discretion, either wait for delivery of the product ordered, or request a replacement article offering identical characteristics under conditions to be specified by the MonIDtag boutique, or request cancellation of the order and reimbursement of the sums collected by the MonIDtag boutique.

ORDER: The customer places an order with the MonIDtag boutique. The order is only valid if it contains all the correct and legible information necessary for its processing, in particular concerning the description of the items and the delivery address. The MonIDtag store is not liable for any errors made by the customer when placing an order. The sales contract is only formed if the valid order is registered by the MonIDtag store. The order is registered after receipt and full payment. The MonIDtag boutique reserves the right not to register an order, particularly in the event of exceptional supply difficulties or when a customer's previous order is in dispute. Each order implies acceptance of the prices, product descriptions and general terms and conditions of sale. Under no circumstances may the website be considered as a contractual document.

PAYMENT: Payment is made when the order is placed, in euros, by credit card on the C.I.C. Monetico Paiement platform, by bank transfer or by Paypal. Products remain the sole property of the MonIDtag boutique until full payment has been received.

DELIVERY: When ordering, the customer must indicate clearly and precisely the place of delivery. The conditions of sale and prices published by the MonIDtag boutique apply to deliveries from PERREUX to European countries. Shipping terms are determined by the MonIDtag boutique to best satisfy the customer. Items are transported at the customer's risk by La POSTE in registered or tracked mail. The MonIDtag boutique undertakes to dispatch to the customer as soon as possible, i.e. in most cases and except for stock shortages, within 96 hours or at the latest within 7 days following the registration of the order, which usually occurs on the day of its receipt by the MonIDtag boutique.

RETRACTION - EXCHANGE OR REFUND: On receipt of the product, the customer must check its quantity, condition and conformity with the order and, if necessary, refuse delivery in the event of obvious deterioration during transport. If the items received do not conform to the original order, the customer has fourteen clear days from receipt to return them to the MonIDtag boutique. In view of the unique and non-reusable nature of embossed plates, only chains and silencers are refundable. EMBOSSED PLATES CANNOT BE RETURNED OR EXCHANGED (Article L121-21-8). Requests for exchange or refund must accompany the returned products and will only be processed once STUDIO GLYPHE has received the original item in good condition, complete, without any trace of use and in its original packaging. When a customer returns an item for which he/she has paid and requests a refund, the following conditions will apply:
- product returned at the customer's request: refund of the product, return costs to be borne by the customer.
- product returned due to the responsibility of the MonIDtag boutique: reimbursement of the product, plus any shipping and return costs. If the item requested for exchange is of a higher price than that of the returned item, the exchange will only be carried out after payment of the remaining price by the customer. Conversely, if the item requested for exchange is of a lower price than that of the returned item, the customer will receive a credit note valid for six months. If the product is not returned within fourteen clear days, any claims made subsequently by the customer will not be enforceable against the MonIDtag boutique, which will therefore be released from all liability, except in the case of a latent defect within the meaning of articles 1641 et seq. of the French Civil Code.

CLAIMS: Any claim relating to a defect in our merchandise will only be taken into consideration on the express condition that it is notified to us within 48 hours of receipt of the merchandise, and before any return concerning defective items. After this time, the complaint will be considered null and void.

LIABILITY: STUDIO GLYPHE has only a best-efforts obligation in its dealings with the customer. STUDIO GLYPHE shall not be held liable in the event of non-performance due to stock shortage or unavailability of the product ordered, force majeure or any event beyond the control of the MonIDtag boutique, such as a total or partial strike of postal services, means of transport and/or communication, earthquakes, natural disasters, health crises, whether or not involving confinement.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: All elements of the www.monidtag.com website, as well as the websites of related suppliers, logos and photos, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright. They are the exclusive property of STUDIO GLYPHE or its service providers, who do not grant any license or right other than that of consulting the website. The reproduction or use of all or part of these elements is authorized solely for the purposes of information for personal and private use, any reproduction and any use of copies made for other purposes are expressly prohibited. Any other use constitutes an infringement and is punishable under Intellectual Property law, unless prior written authorization has been obtained from STUDIO GLYPHE.

MODIFICATION OF GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE: The MonIDtag boutique reserves the right to modify these general terms and conditions of sale at any time and without prior notice. The modified terms and conditions of sale will apply to orders placed after the new terms and conditions have been made public, notably on the website. Before placing an order, the customer is invited to consult the website to check the conditions of sale in force.

APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION: These terms and conditions are governed by French law. In the absence of amicable agreement, any dispute relating to these terms and conditions shall be submitted to the competent court in the area of STUDIO GLYPHE's registered office: the Roanne Commercial Court ( Loire - 42 ).

These general terms and conditions of sale are applicable as of December 22, 2020.