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Dog Tag, Id Tag, Plaque Militaire, what's the difference?
Let's be clear: they're all the same! American soldiers wear Dog Tags, and the French wear Plaques Militaires. Except that they don't have the same format or geometry, and aren't necessarily made of the same metal, depending on the era and whether you live in the USA or elsewhere in the world. In fact, when we write"Plaque Militaire Dog Tag", we're referring to one format, that of the oblong 5.0 x 2.8 cm American dog tag.

What about the ID Tag?
Obviously, if we take the literal translation of the term Dog Tag out of its military context, wearing a Dog Tag fora woman or a man isn't very glamorous! Although in its original sense, it evokes the warrior who defends the nation like a dog protects its home. With the popularization of the dog tag, which even reached the point of being worn on fashion shows, an evolution of language has refocused on theidentification of the person or object wearing a tag (a beacon, a plate, a label). ThusID Tag [ pronounced Aïe Di Tag (pardon the barbaric phonetics) ] was born.