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> Steel Bottle Opener Opener

Our stainless steel bottle-openers are particularly hard-wearing and suitable for all nomadic situations (camping, parties, weekend adventures, paint balling...). They're also a fun "souvenir" for boys' or girls' bachelor parties. Personalization by laser engraving available for orders of 10 or more.

Brushed steel bottle opener in credit-card format. ULTRA-resistant, slips into a wallet! Or in a Quadrac card case. Possibility of black laser engraving on a 40 x 40 mm surface, contact Monidtag.
Credit card size steel bottle opener
6.90 €
Credit card size steel bottle opener Learn more
This stainless steel bottle opener pendant is the size of a military dog tag (approx. 5 x 2.8 cm), and features a hole enabling it to be worn as is, with a ball chain for example. It can be accompanie
The ID Tag bottle opener
5.00 €
Ultra-resistant and super-practical depending on use! The stainless steel bottle-opener pendant in military plate format. Learn more